It's (almost) never too late to make your stucco beautiful again!

The Restoration Process

  1. Thoroughly prepare the existing stucco surface using pressure washing and scraping techniques.
  2. Make all necessary repairs to stucco and the substrate if necessary.
  3. Apply acrylic base coat with 4 oz fiberglass netting embedded.
  4. A double application of the base coat and netting to any large or suspicious cracks
  5. Two layers of netting and “Xtra Stop” acrylic base coat is applied to parapets and horizontal stucco surfaces.
  6. A colored primer is applied.
  7. The colored acrylic sand finish is then applied in an endless color selection.
  8. Integral color in the finish coat eliminates the need to paint the stucco.
  9. Stop the “Patch and Paint” cycle!
Example of process layers
Water intrusion between the paint and stucco
Finished product
Extensive parapet damage which is corrected by applying ”Xtra Stop” base coat and two layers of mesh.