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-Acrylic base coat exhibits a strong tensile bond to prepared stucco. It is comprised of an acrylic liquid that is mixed at the job site with Portland cement.

-Reinforcing Netting/Mesh is a 4 ounce woven fiberglass mesh specially treated for resistance to the alkalinity present in stucco and cement. The netting embedded in acrylic base coat delivers a high level of crack resistance that stucco alone can never provide.

-Acrylic colored finish coat is avaiable in an endless color selection and several textures. They are formulated from 100% acrylic resins to ensure flexibility, fade resistance and long term performance.

-Tinted primer improves the finish appearance and reduces the chance of efflorescence.

-”Xtra Stop” acrylic base coat is used for added weather resistance on parapets and horizontal stucco surfaces.

We proudly use Senergy products.

For further reading about BASF – Senergy products please refer to Senergy’s website: http://www.senergy.basf.com/EN/Pages/default.aspx

Another good resource for information is Seneca Design Materials: http://senecaapi.com/site/